Moisturize Lubricate Stretch MLS Handout

See attached MLS handout-Moisturize Lubricate Stretch written for ALL women.


Maintaining sexual health is important whether or not you are sexually active.  I’ve met clients who were not interested in having a loving, sexual partner, then after years (decades even) they meet someone and feel differently. It has taken some female clients 1-3 years to restore vaginal tissue quality if it is not cared for properly.


We are all taught how important it is to maintain dental hygiene like flossing our teeth, it’s the same for self-care for your vaginal health.


If the vulvar or vaginal tissue is not moisturized, lubricated, and stretched regularly, there can be atrophy and dryness which can lead to painful fissures, (cracks, cuts, or splits).  Please share this medical information with any woman that you care about that you believe might be interested.


MLS handout-Moisturize Lubricate Stretch



The sexual health information in this handout was part of my Sexual Health Certificate Program through the University of Michigan.

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