Finding A Doctor to Answer Your Sex Questions

Firstly, being AASECT-certified myself as a sexuality educator, I always advocate to look on AASECT’s website and go to a physician who is AASECT certified.

Unfortunately, there are not many doctors who are certified with AASECT, so here’s a post from Ducky Doolittle with a neat suggestion on how to find a doctor with whom you can openly discuss sex:

How to Search

Get to Googling or use your HMO/insurance listing and create a list of doctors that are available to you…

stethoscope regular

Call every listing that may possibly suit your needs and ask to speak to the doctor you will be seeing on the phone before you set your appointment. Any good office will take your number and have the doctor call you.

When the doctor does call, ask straight out, “I’d like to speak with you honestly about issues that might possibly be health related and I feel are affecting my sex life. Is that something you are willing to address with me?” Then listen to the response you get from the doctor and use your instincts to decide if you would like to make an appointment with them.

Once you have found your doctor, it’s time for you to be a good patient. Before your appointment, sit down and write out a list of all of your questions and bring that list with you to your appointment. This way, if your time with your doctor is rushed, you can make sure to ask your doctor each and every question on your mind.

It’s sometimes hard for a person to remember that you live every day in your skin and this makes you the ultimate authority of your own body. You are also the person paying that doctor for their services. You have the right to ask for what you need without shame.

It takes courage to take these steps, but I promise doing this will bring you better medical care and get your questions about your body and sexuality answered in a respectable manner. You deserve that.

As you look for a sex-positive doctor, it’s also important to remember that doctors are human and they are not perfect. They are often way over worked and spend every day listening to people’s problems and complaints. It’s a hard job. But there are good doctors out there who want to help you. You just need to do a little work to find them.”

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