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I have been educating the public on sexual health issues and older adults since 2013 after researching the topic and starting to attend a year-long sexual health certificate program at the University of Michigan.

(I posted about what I learned in the Better Living for Seniors Bugle Newsletter in November 2013 link here: )




I found two MAJOR issues in my research. One is the ambiguous definition of consent for those with dementia (and the resulting confusion in facilities about whether they can consent to sexual activity).


The other MAJOR issue that I discovered is that there is basically NO SEX EDUCATION provided to seniors.  I am on a mission to change that and to provide this education out of respect to my wise, amazing elders.

While the statistics are not well known, adults age 50+ make up 10-15% of new HIV/AIDS cases and STI rates are increasing in older adults.  One major issue is the fact that most seniors do not use protection.


I will add more on this post as I get details about location and facilities where I will be presenting.


SeniorPhoto credit to Phil Warren

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