Protesting guns at university, students suggest carrying dildos instead

Using Sex as “Stand-out” Advocacy

While gun laws continue to be a hotly debate topic in the US, a new proposed law is being protested creatively…by suggesting that students carry dildos into of guns.

The below article says, “Dildos are just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play”…read the full story here:

eerie part of the story here:

“Incidentally, the new concealed carry law signed this summer by Gov. Greg Abbot (R) takes effect on the 50-year anniversary of the shooting.” (The “anniversary” comment is referring to the first ever mass school shooting in the US which took place in 1966 on the Univ of Texas campus–the same place where the “dildo protest to guns” event [cocks no glocks] will occur in the fall.)


photo credit to Martin Abegglen

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