11 Red Flags in Dating

This is a fantastic article by Megan Bruneau Here are 11 red flags we ignore when we’re blinded by banter and wine buzzes:* 1. They refer to their ex as “crazy.” It could very well be that their ex was “crazy.” But it could also be that they caused the “crazy” by being constantly invalidating. Think about it: People oftentimes feel “crazy” when they are unsupported in any environment, whether it be in the workplace,... Read More

The Neuroscience of Dating

Thank you for purchasing The Neuroscience of Dating.  Let me know what you think when you finish it!   Please look through the sexuality resources here on www.RedLightHeidi.com, check out the Appendices of the book.   Remember Heidi is available for coaching by phone or video chat. Email her at [email protected]      Read More