Love Yourself Love Your Brain NEW BOOK

This book and trailer outline the message inherent in interpersonal neurobiology and communicated in both my books: “Caregiver Stress”and “The Neuroscience of Dating.” This message is that by cultivating our brain’s self-awareness and self-compassion we can improve our lives and the lives of people around us. The research coming out about the DMN (default mode network) is fascinating and I look forward to her book. I... Read More

2 Brief Videos Dating Advice Using Neuroscience

  Author of “The Neuroscience of Dating” gives some brief overviews of the principles in her book. Crockett is currently offering a free ebook, “Four Dating Tips on How to Spot Lower Levels of Brain Integration” at To buy or “Look Inside” the book, click here: The Neuroscience of Dating   Visit the book landing page here:  Read More

My BOOK is here! The Neuroscience of Dating

See the landing page here (link to kindle ebook by pressing “DOWNLOAD BOOK NOW” green button): To purchase the paper book, go here: (It has a “Look Inside” option in the ebook on Amazon)           Remember Heidi is available for coaching by phone or video chat. Email her at  Read More

11 Red Flags in Dating

This is a fantastic article by Megan Bruneau Here are 11 red flags we ignore when we’re blinded by banter and wine buzzes:* 1. They refer to their ex as “crazy.” It could very well be that their ex was “crazy.” But it could also be that they caused the “crazy” by being constantly invalidating. Think about it: People oftentimes feel “crazy” when they are unsupported in any environment, whether it be in the workplace,... Read More great website!

For dating tips check out: Follow Your Dating Bliss –Heidi Crockett LCSW, CMC, CSE Dating Coach and AASECT Sexuality Educator Author of The Neuroscience of Dating  Read More

Funny Video for Parents with Young Children

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Great new video about intimacy and disability!

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Curious about sexual health?

Besides the podcasts mentioned in a former post, an introductory post on kink interests, and an overview of where to go online to get sexual health questions answered, another place to get your questions answered is “Club CalExotics.” Club CalExotics is an interactive, online community that is committed to providing information about sexual health and wellness.  It has interactive forums and discussion boards, informational videos,... Read More

Finding A Doctor to Answer Your Sex Questions

Firstly, being AASECT-certified myself as a sexuality educator, I always advocate to look on AASECT’s website and go to a physician who is AASECT certified. Unfortunately, there are not many doctors who are certified with AASECT, so here’s a post from Ducky Doolittle with a neat suggestion on how to find a doctor with whom you can openly discuss sex: “How to Search Get to Googling or use your HMO/insurance listing and create a... Read More

Boy or Girl, We’ll Get Back to You

Here is a short series of documentary video clips called “one in 2000”–the title of the film series refers to one in 2000 births being intersex. “If I had known that there was a whole movement of people working to end things that people who were born with different bodies have to go through, it would have been amazing for me.” First video: One in 2000 Congratulations We’ll Get Back to You Second... Read More