Vaginal Prolapse

After a thorough review of the literature, women who have had colpocleisis (surgery to address pelvic organ prolapse [POP] through closing the inner walls of the vagina,) this specific surgery is one of the most successful for POP treatment. It has nearly a 95% success rate and shorter healing time and fewer repeat surgeries. However, many doctors refuse to consider this option for their patients, even when requested, especially if they are “too... Read More

Moisturize Lubricate Stretch MLS Handout

See attached Handout MLS handout Moisturize+Lubricate+Stretch written for ALL women.**     Maintaining sexual health is important whether or not you are sexually active.  I’ve met clients who were not interested in having a loving, sexual partner, then after years (decades even) they meet someone and feel differently. It has taken some female clients 1-3 years to restore vaginal tissue quality if it is not cared for properly.   We... Read More

Funny Video for Parents with Young Children

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Want Better Female Orgasms? or Having Pain with Sex?

This post is written for women who are interested in ways to improve their sexual health.***  Painful sex and/or pelvic pain is common and sadly, it is frequently not addressed by healthcare professionals.  It is important to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for any condition you are having. Here is a national website for vaginal pain, aka vulvodynia.   Physical Therapists that specialize in rehabilitating the pelvic muscles/area  (Pelvic... Read More

MILF term = empowerment or rude?

It has recently come to my attention of a new book titled the “MILF Diet” By Jessica Porter. Firstly, I automatically celebrate this book because it is a woman writing about how to be a healthy, sexually empowered female, in her words:  “The MILF Diet is not—I repeat NOT— about a gaining or keeping a man’s approval; it is a shameless embrace of all things female: our bodies, our brains, our spirit and our sexuality as perceived... Read More

Think misogyny is in the past?

Look at this ten minute talk: where Anita Sarkeesian talks about her experience wanting to raise awareness about the way that women are depicted in video games. Heck, check out the whole TedxWomen talks, there is A LOT of amazing stuff in there:        Read More

Children Book Recommmendations for Sex/Body Education

This video is inspiring because it shows you how comfortable a child can be if given access to information on body parts without shame or fear.  More than inspiring, the following link is IMPORTANT because it gives some great recommendations to parents for children’s books  on the topics of body and sexuality education (see “YouTube Videos Widget” on the bottom right of the screen and click... Read More

Awesome Resource for Moms   Are you a mom and wanting to learn how to better discuss sexuality with your kids?  The above website is a great resource.  Read More