Below is a video for men and women that really helps explain the clitoris and women’s pleasure in greater detail than you may have been told before.   The above video (for educational purposes) shows parts of a woman’s vulva.  Read More

Moisturize Lubricate Stretch MLS Handout

See attached Handout MLS handout Moisturize+Lubricate+Stretch written for ALL women.**     Maintaining sexual health is important whether or not you are sexually active.  I’ve met clients who were not interested in having a loving, sexual partner, then after years (decades even) they meet someone and feel differently. It has taken some female clients 1-3 years to restore vaginal tissue quality if it is not cared for properly.   We... Read More

Self-Esteem for Dating Protection

I love #5 in Mr. Paknis’s article 11 Things I Learned from Being Cheated On: 5. Prioritize protection. My partner was having unprotected sex with other men, and while I am grateful to not have suffered any health repercussions, discovering this caused a deep enough trauma that caused me to run away from a number of topics within my personal life. I even avoided getting tested for a long time afterward, which was one of many reasons my issues... Read More

What to Consider When First Buying a Vibrator

What to consider in purchasing a vibrator Vibrators are either operated by battery or electrical cord. We suggest battery operated for ease of use. Most take AA batteries. Some take small watch batteries.  If possible, stay with the AA batteries because they are easy to replace. You will always get more power with fresh batteries. Since vibrators are not refundable, we suggest that you check your vibrator before you purchase it. Most places do... Read More

Information on STDs, HIV/AIDS

For more information on STIs* please visit: It is an excellent website covering 1. healthy sexual interaction, 2. cope with having an STI, 3. protecting oneself. And much more information!   Here are some links on how to cultivate safer sex: Tips for Safer Sex  and An Explanation for STI Risk Spectrum NO RISK to HIGH RISK And a great article explaining what safer sex IS NOT: What Safer Sex IS NOT   For information specifically... Read More

Disability Resources and Sexual Health Information ———— FROM SEICUS –Sexuality Education for People with Disabilities ——————- Good blog writing on sexuality and disability challenges, other disability issues e.g. parenting: —————– Sexuality education for children and teens with visual impairments: ——————- Here... Read More