Protesting guns at university, students suggest carrying dildos instead

Using Sex as “Stand-out” Advocacy While gun laws continue to be a hotly debate topic in the US, a new proposed law is being protested creatively…by suggesting that students carry dildos into of guns. The below article says, “Dildos are just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play”…read the full story here: … eerie... Read More

Think misogyny is in the past?

Look at this ten minute talk: where Anita Sarkeesian talks about her experience wanting to raise awareness about the way that women are depicted in video games. Heck, check out the whole TedxWomen talks, there is A LOT of amazing stuff in there:        Read More

Madeleine Albright–Inspiring Cooperation

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”  Madeleine Albright said it first ladies, so remember THAT as you go about becoming more empowered in your life.  If we want to become powerful females, we MUST support each other.  You can take this message to heart and be one of those women who MAKES SURE in her life that she isn’t making other women feel guilty.  We may make up 50% of the population,... Read More

Esther Perel–A fantastic resource

Click here for Esther Perel’s newest talk on TED TALKS   Erotic Intelligence– “Ironically, some of America’s best features–the belief in democracy, equality, consensus-building, compromise, fairness, and mutual tolerance–can, when carried too punctiliously into the bedroom, result in very boring sex. Sexual desire doesn’t play by the same rules of good citizenship that maintain peace and contentment in... Read More