Are You A Sexual “Pervert”?

A psychologist is interviewed about the variety of sexuality in human expression: Minute 7:00 quote: “I do think if we are going to use a term like say ‘immoral’ it needs to be reserved to causing distress or harm on an actual subjectively experiencing organism, (e.g. human being or animal). I think that to refer to somebody... Read More

Boy or Girl, We’ll Get Back to You

Here is a short series of documentary video clips called “one in 2000”–the title of the film series refers to one in 2000 births being intersex. “If I had known that there was a whole movement of people working to end things that people who were born with different bodies have to go through, it would have been amazing for me.” First video: One in 2000 Congratulations We’ll Get Back to You Second... Read More

LGBT questions in Florida

For legal questions within the state of Florida on LGBT issues, I recommend:   Locally, I like to inform people about Cathy Blackburn’s LGBT-informed law practice:   and Metro Wellness at a “go to” starting place for LGBT issues:   [On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in... Read More

Think OUTSIDE the box

picture credit to Eric Peacock   Take a few minutes and Consider These Three Short Videos: 1.   2.   3. this boy who likes dresses:  Read More

Transgender: Know Your Rights

Health Care Rights: click Health Care Rights for Transgender March 2012   Employment Rights: click Employment Rights for Transgender Sept 2013 (Email me: [email protected]  if you need a good, local lawyer who is aware of your rights who comes recommended by the LGBTQ community)   Transgender People and the Law: 18 page booklet of frequently asked questions from the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation: click Laws related... Read More

Professionals seeking Transgender Information

GENERAL: Guide to Transgender Terminology: click Glossary_of_Gender_and_Transgender_Terms THERAPISTS: Two-page sheet with tips for a therapist working with a transgender client: click things to know for therapist working with transgender   Transgender client saw three therapists, three page letter on how a therapist can be successful: click gender identify tips for therapist best treat client   MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Surgical options... Read More

Transgender Resources

Transsexual Roadmap with good resources and links: Good information: Transgender Resources for Yourself, Friends, Family   Transgender free phone support, hotline run by trained transgender people for transgender callers: hotline phone #: (877) 565-8860   Hudson’s Female to Male Guide:   Gender Spectrum: Promoting Gender Sensitivity to Children... Read More

Awesome website titled, “I’m from Driftwood: the LGBTQ story archive” click here  Read More