What to Consider When First Buying a Vibrator

What to consider in purchasing a vibrator Vibrators are either operated by battery or electrical cord. We suggest battery operated for ease of use. Most take AA batteries. Some take small watch batteries.  If possible, stay with the AA batteries because they are easy to replace. You will always get more power with fresh batteries. Since vibrators are not refundable, we suggest that you check your vibrator before you purchase it. Most places do... Read More

Information on STDs, HIV/AIDS

For more information on STIs* please visit: www.ashastd.org It is an excellent website covering 1. healthy sexual interaction, 2. cope with having an STI, 3. protecting oneself. And much more information!   Here are some links on how to cultivate safer sex: Tips for Safer Sex  and An Explanation for STI Risk Spectrum NO RISK to HIGH RISK And a great article explaining what safer sex IS NOT: What Safer Sex IS NOT   For information specifically... Read More

Professionals seeking Transgender Information

GENERAL: Guide to Transgender Terminology: click Glossary_of_Gender_and_Transgender_Terms THERAPISTS: Two-page sheet with tips for a therapist working with a transgender client: click things to know for therapist working with transgender   Transgender client saw three therapists, three page letter on how a therapist can be successful: click gender identify tips for therapist best treat client   MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Surgical options... Read More

Transgender Resources

Transsexual Roadmap with good resources and links: http://www.tsroadmap.com/index.html Good information: Transgender Resources for Yourself, Friends, Family   Transgender free phone support, hotline run by trained transgender people for transgender callers: http://www.translifeline.org/ hotline phone #: (877) 565-8860   Hudson’s Female to Male Guide: http://www.ftmguide.org/   Gender Spectrum: Promoting Gender Sensitivity to Children... Read More

Basic STD Low-Down

Click on this article to read IMPORTANT information on STDs: http://greenlightheidi.com/2012/08/std-information/  Read More

Children Book Recommmendations for Sex/Body Education

This video is inspiring because it shows you how comfortable a child can be if given access to information on body parts without shame or fear.  More than inspiring, the following link is IMPORTANT because it gives some great recommendations to parents for children’s books  on the topics of body and sexuality education   http://mitchelltepper.com/media/ (see “YouTube Videos Widget” on the bottom right of the screen and click... Read More

Free sex education videos + website that answers your sex questions

Sex Smart Films is a website to help you  get the sexual information that you want. And here is another website that answers sex questions:  http://www.sexualhealth.com/womens-sexual-health/ I found the Sex Smart Films site by looking at the American Association of Sexual Health Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) links page, there are many other interesting and educational websites listed there (scroll to the bottom): http://www.aasect.org/assoclinks.asp   (For... Read More

Awesome Resource for Moms

http://www.themamasutra.net/blog/   Are you a mom and wanting to learn how to better discuss sexuality with your kids?  The above website is a great resource.  Read More