Kink Resources: 50 Shades of Grey for Real

For the sake of adding more resources in the “kink fetish” catergory, I went looking on the web and found this:   I looked for reviews on the site and found the following which seemed to imply it is a good website for information.  Let me know if you have either positive or negative experience with it. Reviews: Review of Kink Academy–One Opinion and More Reviews of Kink Academy here    Read More

Kink-friendly Resources

BDSM glossary of terms: This website has been called the “facebook” of kinky people, but I do have to put a warning for anyone who visits the website that there is explicit content there. There are good introductory threads and groups for “newbies” on the site and it is a way to meet your local kink community but BE AWARE and use basic caution whenever meeting up,... Read More

Children Book Recommmendations for Sex/Body Education

This video is inspiring because it shows you how comfortable a child can be if given access to information on body parts without shame or fear.  More than inspiring, the following link is IMPORTANT because it gives some great recommendations to parents for children’s books  on the topics of body and sexuality education (see “YouTube Videos Widget” on the bottom right of the screen and click... Read More