Sexual Health and Covid-19

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animated video on le clitoris

This short film has won multiple awards–go ahead and share it with the world! Le clitoris needs to be helped from its world of obscurity…  Read More

Neuroscience of…porn?!

Great article the findings match the chapter on dopamine and porn in my book, “The Neuroscience of Dating”  Read More

Video on Brain Tips After Being Ghosted

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Beware–Warning Signs When First Dating Article

I’m reading Shahida Arabi’s book, “Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare” and love her wisdom and insight on psychopathic personalities and how to deal with them. Her blog is focused on women who are the victims of abuse but both men and women who are victims of abuse resonate with her experience. I agree with her message that you can grow and become so much more than what happened to you while you were in that bad relationship.... Read More

Self-Esteem for Dating Protection

I love #5 in Mr. Paknis’s article 11 Things I Learned from Being Cheated On: 5. Prioritize protection. My partner was having unprotected sex with other men, and while I am grateful to not have suffered any health repercussions, discovering this caused a deep enough trauma that caused me to run away from a number of topics within my personal life. I even avoided getting tested for a long time afterward, which was one of many reasons my issues... Read More

Unanswered Sex Question? READ THIS POST FIRST

If you have a sexual health question but you don’t know how to SEARCH for answers online THIS is the blog post for you!   Tip #1 Search “sexual health and” online because using the word “sex” will (unfortunately) lead you to pornographic websites. Tip #2 Go Ask Alice!  That’s right, go to “” and see about finding answers to your questions there.  This site is run not by a single... Read More

pleasure at ANY age

I have been educating the public on sexual health issues and older adults since 2013 after researching the topic and starting to attend a year-long sexual health certificate program at the University of Michigan. (I posted about what I learned in the Better Living for Seniors Bugle Newsletter in November 2013 link here: )       I... Read More