Self-Esteem for Dating Protection

I love #5 in Mr. Paknis’s article 11 Things I Learned from Being Cheated On: 5. Prioritize protection. My partner was having unprotected sex with other men, and while I am grateful to not have suffered any health repercussions, discovering this caused a deep enough trauma that caused me to run away from a number of topics within my personal life. I even avoided getting tested for a long time afterward, which was one of many reasons my issues... Read More

Finding A Doctor to Answer Your Sex Questions

Firstly, being AASECT-certified myself as a sexuality educator, I always advocate to look on AASECT’s website and go to a physician who is AASECT certified. Unfortunately, there are not many doctors who are certified with AASECT, so here’s a post from Ducky Doolittle with a neat suggestion on how to find a doctor with whom you can openly discuss sex: “How to Search Get to Googling or use your HMO/insurance listing and create a... Read More

Shout out to sexologist Dr.Jill McDevitt!

To me, her post on March 27th (scroll to middle of the page) highlights the AMAZING work that Dr. McDevitt is doing for female sexual empowerment.  Shout out!  Read More

Cultural Programming that Limits Women’s Sexual Self-Esteem

At the conclusion the author writes:  “With young women, it’s about teaching the difference between the desire to be desired and desire itself.  It only takes a girl a few seconds to realize what someone else may want from her sexually. It often takes her much longer to figure out what she really wants, to discern the pleasure she gets from bringing pleasure to another from the pleasure she wants for herself. And once she’s figured that... Read More