Self-Esteem for Dating Protection

I love #5 in Mr. Paknis’s article 11 Things I Learned from Being Cheated On: 5. Prioritize protection. My partner was having unprotected sex with other men, and while I am grateful to not have suffered any health repercussions, discovering this caused a deep enough trauma that caused me to run away from a number of topics within my personal life. I even avoided getting tested for a long time afterward, which was one of many reasons my issues... Read More

Information on STDs, HIV/AIDS

For more information on STIs* please visit: It is an excellent website covering 1. healthy sexual interaction, 2. cope with having an STI, 3. protecting oneself. And much more information!   Here are some links on how to cultivate safer sex: Tips for Safer Sex  and An Explanation for STI Risk Spectrum NO RISK to HIGH RISK And a great article explaining what safer sex IS NOT: What Safer Sex IS NOT   For information specifically... Read More