Curious about sexual health?

Besides the podcasts mentioned in a former post, an introductory post on kink interests, and an overview of where to go online to get sexual health questions answered, another place to get your questions answered is “Club CalExotics.” Club CalExotics is an interactive, online community that is committed to providing information about sexual health and wellness.  It has interactive forums and discussion boards, informational videos,... Read More

What to Consider When First Buying a Vibrator

What to consider in purchasing a vibrator Vibrators are either operated by battery or electrical cord. We suggest battery operated for ease of use. Most take AA batteries. Some take small watch batteries.  If possible, stay with the AA batteries because they are easy to replace. You will always get more power with fresh batteries. Since vibrators are not refundable, we suggest that you check your vibrator before you purchase it. Most places do... Read More

Want Better Female Orgasms? or Having Pain with Sex?

This post is written for women who are interested in ways to improve their sexual health.***  Painful sex and/or pelvic pain is common and sadly, it is frequently not addressed by healthcare professionals.  It is important to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for any condition you are having. Here is a national website for vaginal pain, aka vulvodynia.   Physical Therapists that specialize in rehabilitating the pelvic muscles/area  (Pelvic... Read More